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WKC 2015 - NEWS

WKC 2014 World Championships Results

Check out the final results on the WKCAmerica.com web site. Team USA kicked some serious butt in Dublin at the 2014 WKC World Championships.

Reminder to Team USA qualifiers:

- You will not receive anything in the mail such as a packet of information, or registration information or materials. Find out all the information at the WKCAmerica.com web sites. Also, there is a lot of time practical information posted on the Facebook pages for WKC America fan page.

- No words are allowed in your forms music.

- You must provide your own music box.

- You must have closed finger sparring gloves for Semi-Contact/Point sparring divisions.

- You must have 10 oz. closed hand/finger boxing gloves for Light Contact/Continuous sparring divisions at WKC Nationals and the World Championships.

- Ringstar shoes are not allowed in sparring divisions. Kicks must cover the back of the heel and toes.

- Face shields are not allowed in sparring divisions.

- Shin guards are mandatory for all sparring divisions at the WKC Nationals and the WKC World Championships.

- Female groin and chest protectors are mandatory for females 13+ at both the WKC Nationals and the WKC World Championships. Females will not be physically touched to verify this requirement. They will only be asked if they have chest and groin protection. Note: Turtle shell bras are a minimum alternative for chest protection if you are interested. (http://www.turtle-shells.com).

- Light Contact/Continuous sparring rounds are 2 mins. Youth (17-) and Veterans (35+, 42+ and 48+) have one round in preliminaries and two rounds in finals. Adults (18+) have 2 rounds in preliminaries and finals. You could have multiple matches in a division. Train accordingly. Scored using 3-judge 9-10 scoring system similar to boxing.

- Semi-contact/Point sparring rounds are 2 mins for everyone with one round in preliminaries and two rounds in the finals. Score is a total of both matches.

***Do not take these requirements lightly. Make sure you are prepared and have the correct equipment.

WKC Approved Sparring Gear - Sharkwear Sports

U.S. Nationals Qualifiers

2015 Regionals, Nationals, and World Championships

The top four USA Nationals Qualifiers make the U.S. National Team that is headed to Orlando Florida in October for the WKC World Championships.

  • 2015 WKC World Championships
    November 2015

    More information available after the US Nationals in Detroit.